The Green Schools Coalition (GSC) is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to assisting schools in three areas of awareness and environmental responsibility. We work to create a willingness in schools to utilize renewable energy products and help reduce their carbon footprint. Green Schools Coalition assist schools in securing funding that drives the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy solutions.


Our programs include a custom curriculum for students and teachers creaing a living laboratory for the students that instills environmental consciousness and fosters lifelong interest in conservation of natural resources and the use of renewable energy.

GSC endeavors to enhance the environmental awareness of the current generation, as well as generations to come, so that everyone can contribute to the solution of a greener planet.

The Green Schools Coalition assists in the grant-writing process, and to solicit funding from both private and public sources for use in transforming a school’s energy sources from fossil-fuel-based to renewable-energy based sources. We help schools secure, install and maintain renewable energy products and facility upgrades.

Every project includes the creation of a living laboratory and curriculum for students and faculty to facilitate ongoing environmental education.

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